Are we ever reopening our brick & mortar?!

Are we ever reopening our brick & mortar?!

Hey there, wonderful people! It's been a hot minute since I last poured my thoughts onto this digital journal. Life has this uncanny way of racing ahead while we're trying to catch our breath, doesn't it? So here I am, penning down the whirlwind of events that have kept our little tea haven in Kaimuki temporarily closed. Come along on this candid confession as we navigate birthdays, new ventures, and even a date with the World Tea Expo.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Closing up shop at the end of January was meant to be a brief hiatus – a chance to step back, recharge, and rediscover life beyond tea, wellness , & matcha. And oh boy, what a revelation it's been! For the first time in forever, I've embraced the role of a dedicated wife and mom. Cooking up meals from scratch, reveling in the simplicity of family dinners – it's a lifestyle change that's woven unexpected joy into the fabric of my days.  I made my toddler cereal the other day, like WHO AM I.

Beyond the Tea Leaves

Here's a little secret not many know – outside of slangin tea, I'm fully immersed in another world, working for my husband. Admin tasks, marketing campaigns, ghosting vendors because I have too many unread texts – you name it, I've got my hands in it. And guess what? We recently got the keys to his third restaurant space! So I'm swamped, but in a good way . . .and when choices had to be made, family took the lead, and our focus shifted to his growing empire.

A Birthday Reflection

February rolled in, bringing with it my birthday.  I found myself holed up in a hotel room for a week, basically rotting away in 1000 thread count sheets.  Come for me, I regret nothing. Details aside, it was a time of reflection, relaxation, and maybe a few indulgences. Again, no regrets, just a pause to acknowledge the passage of time and soak in the fleeting moments.

Riding the Matcha Wave

Surprisingly, closing our doors didn't result in a significant slump in sales. I'm not 100% sure, but I think people's obsession with matcha has something to do with it, Even in our absence, it seems to be weaving its charm, keeping our patrons captivated.  Who would've thought our matcha could be so loyal?

World Tea Expo Excitement

As March unfolds, I find myself on the brink of another adventure – the World Tea Expo. The buzz around this annual gathering is infectious, and it's not just a local affair. Tea enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses from across the globe will converge to celebrate the art of tea. It's an opportunity to learn, connect, and dive deep into the ever-evolving world of tea. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Closing Thoughts

In the midst of this small business chaos, from family dinners to new restaurant ventures and global tea expos, I can't help but feel a surge of gratitude. Our little matcha haven might be temporarily closed, but our craft is alive and well, resonating far beyond the confines of Kaimuki. So, here's to tea, to family, to new beginnings, and to all of you who've been part of our journey. Until we throw open those doors once more, let's share a virtual cuppa whatever and savor the anticipation of what's to come.

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