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January 11th, New Moon Cacao Ceremony with Fauzia Morgan 6PM - 8PM

January 11th, New Moon Cacao Ceremony with Fauzia Morgan 6PM - 8PM

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Fauzia Morgan is a Subconscious Healer and a Human Design Guide. Her life’s work and greatest passion is empowering others in their path to self-actualization. She helps her clients free their minds from the limiting self-beliefs that stand in their way of having all that they desire in life. She’s here to awaken you to your truth and help you heal profoundly so that you can shine in your full authentic expression. Join us on January 11 for a cacao ceremony and guided meditation under the new moon in Capricorn. With mercury going direct on January 1st, this energy will serve us as we set our intentions for 2024. Think forward momentum, ambition, clarity, goals, perseverance and a deep connection to the earth. Bring a journal, pen and a cherished offering like a crystal or a flower for the communal alter. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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