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Māla girl Vegan Broths, Single Serving Packet

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We love how tumeric mingles with curry...a little kick with a whole lot of flavor! Mix with your favorite plant-milk for the most delicious curry milk or golden milk you have ever tasted! *REVITALIZING *BRAIN BOOSTER *STRESS RELIEVING Ingredients: curry spices, cacao butter, himalayan sea salt, ashwagandha, lemon, onion, celery, nutritional yeast, dulse, herbs and spices.


This blend is a house favorite and full of flavor! Hot and spicy with a kick of cinnamon and revitalizing holy basil. *PROMOTES LONGEVITY *HEALTHY MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT *IMMUNITY BOOSTING Ingredients: Tulsi (holy basil), Cacao butter, lemon, himalayan salt, onion, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cayenne, celery, nutritional yeast, dulse, beets, herbs and spices


Our beef-less beef broth. Don’t worry... there’s no beef involved here, but the flavor is all of it and more! *EMPOWERING *BRAIN BOOSTER *HELPS BALANCE MOOD Ingredients: Reishi extract, cacao butter, cacao powder, lemon, himalayan salt, lions mane extract, porcini, garlic, celery, dulse, nutritional yeast, herbs and spices




If you like a classic chicken broth, ours is a delicious chick free version blended with a little lemon juice for a taste of the mediterranean. *COMFORTING & NOURISHING *BALANCES ELECTROLYTES *IMMUNITY BOOSTING Ingredients: cacao butter, lemon, himalayan salt, onion, celery, yeast flakes, dulse, ginger, herbs and spices.

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