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Introducing the Nervous System Reset Bundle - a delightful trio of products curated to bring whimsy, feminine grace to your journey towards inner harmony. Step into a realm of self-care that seamlessly blends wonder with insightful exploration, as you embrace the magic of the Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck, Nervalicous Elixir, and Watered Daily Intention Journal.

🌙 Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck: Unveil the secrets of your nervous system with a mystical twist. This deck of cards isn't your ordinary toolkit - it's a portal to understanding and nurturing your inner balance. Through captivating illustrations and intriguing insights, explore the pathways that weave together your mind and body.

🌿 Nervalicous Elixir: Crafted with intention, Nervalicous Elixir invites you to discover the harmonious dance of nature's treasures. With every drop, this exquisite elixir entwines the essence of Scutellaria lateriflora, also known as Skullcap, to instill a sense of calm. Sonoran Desert Hyptis foliage & flower, a delicate touch of Desert Lavender, caresses your senses, evoking the gentle whispers of the desert breeze. Mucuna puriens, the Velvet Bean, adds its soothing presence, while AZ raw mesquite honey and organic, Non-GMO cane spirits delicately fuse to create a symphony of flavors.

🌊 Watered: A Daily Journal of Intention: The simple, repetitive nature of this book’s format is meant to help you stay accountable to your goals, feelings, and intentions every day. *This is a quarterly journal. If used daily, it will be completed in three months.

Embrace the enchanting journey of resetting your nervous system with this whimsical bundle. Allow the Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck to spark curiosity, let the Nervalicous Elixir infuse your being with botanical tenderness, and watch as Watered becomes the vessel for your daily intention.

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