Welcome to Ami Mei! A Tea and Wellness boutique in Kaimuki!

Holy moly, it seems like yesterday we were moving into our first space in Kaimuki, off of Koko Head Ave., and now we have taken it to the streets of 12th Avenue.  This new space is so special to me because it's bigger, better, and of course more visible.

I have been on this mission to spread the good word & culture of tea for some time, and now I feel like we are in the adequate space to do that.

In our store we will house our brands Treehouse Teas & Wallflower Tea, other Hawaii Grown Tea farmers, apothecary, and wellness items.

We have curated an amazing selection of brands such as:  Senbird Tea, Three Gems Tea, Urb Apothecary, Blume, Earth Petal Herbals, Antigua Apothecary, Indigo Elixirs, Matchaelogist, Five Finger Farms, & many more!  

I can't wait to see everyone and I hope you will find your way to the charming small town of Kaimuki to visit us.  We are just 10 minutes outside of Waikiki & the town is def worth the day trip!


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